Mental Abuse

What is mental abuse? A Narcissistic Abuse tactic Cluster B people and most vertical thinkers deliberately use to harm targets and scapegoats.

Psychological abuse is one of the most common abuse tactics abusive and socially competitive thinkers use against other people in order to make themselves feel powerful. People who employ mental abuse tactics against friends, co-workers, family members, loved ones, romantic attachments, children, authority figures, and strangers tend to have been raised by or live their lives surrounded by verbally abusive, toxic thinkers.

Mental abuse, as a form of mind control that tends to rely on the heavy use of gaslighting and coercion, is also referred to as a form of psychological violence. Verbal assault is common in households and business venues where socially competitive people strive to best one another, harming those perceived to be beneath while aspiring to self-promote by winning the fickle social and emotional favor of stronger social predators.

When discussing emotional abuse or mental abuse as forms of social abuse, it’s important to remember that without constant contact with an Abuser or any of the Abuser’s flying monkey Enablers, that all Narcissistic Abuse victims tend to report that their own health and psychology tends to get better. People who are enmeshed on an everyday basis in personal, professional and community spheres with socially abusive and aggressive personality types tend to suffer from chronic health issues developed due to exposure to chronic direct, indirect, and ambient abuse.

Mental abuse is specifically characterized by one or more abusive people subjecting, or exposing, another person or targeted peer group to their own caustic behavior.

When abuse is, as many survivors of extreme domestic or workplace abuse will tell you, “just” physical, it’s a no-brainer to prove. But psychological abuse tends to hurt longer, cannot necessarily be evidenced as a direct correlative, and tends to leave victims without legal, emotional, or psychological recourse when Abusers and Abuse Enablers refuse to validate that words and traumatizing social deeds cause legitimate and seriously profound, life-altering physical and sociological hurts.

Controlling people and those who tend to charm to manipulate for personal gain at the direct expense of other humans are the most likely culprits likely to use mental abuse tactics the most aggressively.

Mental Abusers cause victims to endure oftentimes lifelong PTSD inspired psychological trauma, including but not limited to flashbacks, pervasive social anxiety, chronic depression, stress illnesses, self-esteem issues, and/or C-PTSD (also known as a conditioned form of post-traumatic stress disorder commonly developed by hostages and soldiers).

When confronted, most tend to blame their situational abuse victims, commonly behaving with grandiose entitlement thinking based attitudes and striving to convince any person willing to give them subjective credibility that the target or preferred scapegoats deserved to be lied to or about, shamed, punished, verbally attacked, smear campaigned against, and pervasively abused.

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