Holy Cow! It’s Moobie time… and Anchor Baby spokesperson Rudy Giuliani has really made the Knights of Columbus finally look foolish in public while striving to save his Topper. 

The Daily Mail released the following news on Dec. 19, 2018 relating to historical pop culture news and trending topics in American History. It seems people with profoundly Somatic, Cerebral, and aspiring Covert Psychopath natures have been busy as of late committing acts to make Logan cringe. 

They share: 

‘Very truly yours, Donald Trump’: President ‘DID sign letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow with spa named after Ivanka’ – two days after Giuliani claimed ‘no one’ ever signed the document

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6510901/CNN-obtains-Trumps-signature-letter-intent-build-Trump-Tower-Moscow.html

Our take on the issue? Intent to commit fraud is patently obvious, as is the gaslighting with an awareness of guilt and premeditation. 

Can we tie this to the Korean Conflict, declare it treason as an act to give the North Koreans comfort… first? Then have H rescind her concession? 

Revert the government by bipartisan agreement to be run until 2020 by Barack or Joe Biden? Until Beto grooms up? Work with Mitt Romney. 

Heck — let him interim Speaker of the House then let him handle the act of repairing the harm done by Newt Gingrich to everybody. 

Pattern behavior of every Dark Triad on the planet… betraying the social and professional hospitality of every person who shows them hospitality. By uttering false words and doing things to interrupt the flow of communication, people seeing to create a false portrait of reality in the mind of other humans do Darwin Awards eligible harm to themselves and to society (simultaneously). 

Think X + Y – Z with no W in order to understand what has happened to people whose neuroplasticity has frozen so severely over time that they physically become a danger to themselves and to others. Their personality type calcifies by or before the age of 28 as Cluster B followed by steady decline in whatever emotional processing ability was present in their human anatomy before people started messing up the NLP programming of a baby. 

If you are unfamiliar with what a Dark Triad person is (in terms of Self Help and Forensic Psychology literature), they are a very dangerous form of Cluster B person. 

Any person with the comorbid affectation of personality disorders is likely to show signs of the following conditions: 

  • Malignant Narcissism,
  • profound egocentrism that reveals Social and Emotional Learning Disability,
  • an Anti-Social and or Psychopathic nature,
  • and they are prone to display pervasive Machiavellian. 

Knowing the red flags and warning signs that someone is likely to be prone to pervasively engage in all forms of social or emotional violence can save your life and that of others. 

But knowing the key terms and the key phrases one needs to be able to rapidly look up? That’s priceless. 


Because there are only statistically so many human beings that meet diagnostic criteria for having a Cluster B personality type. And of those percentages, only 1-2% of the global population is socially likely to behave in ways that are by pattern behavior prone to engaging in acts of social, physical, and or sexual violence. 

If and when people in the general public are educated about what the basic Cluster B personality are and how the symptoms of the Emotional Repressions manifest, the world will stop appearing quite so Hobbesian. Ask Rousseau. 

He was Team Empath, like the writers and staff of this EUSociology.com co-sponsored web project,  ‘don’t cha cha’ know. 



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