Behaviors that cause psychological or physical harm to another individual are known as aggressive behaviors. Nearly every person who has a narcissistic personality or who meets standard diagnostic criteria for having Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder typically situationally abuse those closest to them in overt acts of aggression.

However, by and large, all tend to exhibit serious traits of open hostility towards narcissistic rivals, preferred scapegoats, and toward those who have rejected them (especially as a suitor). Aggression can be passive or outwardly aggressive in order to meet standard diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Abuse when and if a person acts out or lashes out at another with an intent to harm.

Physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, sexual, and religious abuse are all common signs that an aggressor believes for whatever reason that they are entitled to violate the fundamental human rights or basic civil rights of others.

Such people are frequently ordered to take Anger Management classes by court officials after abusing or threatening a spouse, stranger during a road rage incident or something like a bar fight, or they have directly abused a family member.

Typically, only people who score high with regard to ASPD symptomatology are prone to actual physical violence against other humans. However, any one of the Cluster B personality types is likely to use rage against a victim or disturbing temper tantrums coupled with breaking things, throwing objects, destroying their own or other people’s property, or threats of physical assault or bodily harm to emotionally control and frighten abuse targets.

Aggression, therefore, can be by implication as well as directly acted out, meaning a person who takes the time to describe harm they would enjoy doing to another person in an attempt to frighten, menace, or otherwise use intimidation to control the emotional response of another is considered a key trait or hallmark of someone engaging in abusive and aggressive behavior.

The most dangerous personality type is a violent Psychopath who is highly narcissistic and psychologically capable of Machiavellianism. They’re the personality type to suffer from extreme states of cognitive distortion, as well as being those most likely to physically harm other human beings during fits of rage or whenever they feel their Narcissistic Supply Sources are not treating them with the fear and respect they believe they are entitled to as dominant social predators.

However, all people with aggressive tendencies in their personality are likely to find themselves trapped acting out the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse with friends, coworkers, romantic partners, and family members if they were raised with toxic family values (simply by habit until they themselves mature, self-educate, and choose to train their mind to respond to external stimuli and general life stressors better).

Never excuse, minimize, or willingly elect to overlook Narcissistic Abuse in the form of Narcissistic Rage or Aggression. Doing so leads to people being lifetime abuse victims, never able to escape the clutches of their aggressor.

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