Gaslighting indicates a person has a Machiavellian Nature and a consciousness of guilt. It’s truly deplorable, profoundly Anti-Social as well as legally arguably criminal and medically caustic behavior.

Gaslighting, telling tall tales, spinning a yarn, whatever you call it always involves things like lying, selective distortions of and withholding of facts, and a desire on the part of a Hospitality Abuser to trick their social mark into believing a false or fraudulent portrait of reality.

What is Gaslighting by Jeanette Perkins Autism and Neurodiversity AdvocateOne plus one equals what? Take Pascal’s Wager and follow along. Read back through Dante’s Inferno to understand more about the 9th Circle (#9thCircle) behavior(s). Because most Autistic people are socially collaborative rather than competitive, they [we] are easy to socially mislead until sunlight is shined on the truth and we are educated.

“People with IQ over 130 are the easiest people social predators who gaslight and con their friends, family members, targets, marks, and bully not because we’re stupid or Masochists but because we truly don’t get it…” said nearly every person interviewed who has been socially mistreated or abused who had an above average, gifted, profoundly gifted, savant, twice gifted, or extreme GT IQ.

“Easiest to trick into acting like Useful Idiots…” says one Source involved with Behavior Analysis.

Why? — an emotionally intelligent person is likely to immediately want to ask simultaneously while striving to collaborate conversationally by sharing as accurate a data stream report as many bright but profoundly emotionally underparented bright children – turned – gifted and talented adults in the human gene species claim.

“Because they are the ones most likely to make non-stop psychological errors pf projection and complex reverse projection based on having been groomed to think like Cerebral Somatic Narcissists…” is quite a common reply from therapists familiar with Cluster B people’s tactics in life and the impact of the abuse and profound, typically pervasive gaslighting plays in victim’s multigenerational and thematic lives.

PTSD and C-PTSD are likely to eventually become medically useful for exploring science fields like Deep Space and Underwater exploration.

“The more anyone is nurtured to emulate binary — and or vertical thinkers — the less functional the emotional processing in their head related to social and emotional intelligence in general is likely to be…” waking STEM professionals familiar with Ai Operations, Psychological Warfare, and Cyber Warfare civic Guardian work add.


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