Sputnik News feigning concern with emotions of people they call US Elites? Say it ain’t so, Mister Gorbachev. 

Quick. Nancy. Chart your stars. 

Croft Puppets should never be allowed to govern states. 

Not ones who showed early life patterns of an interest in things like fame, Somatic Narcissist pursuits, or who show the ability to cheat on their mates.

Or to abandon them so they can trade up. 

Or they pick a Grab-Me-Gotcha feller — a gent who grabs women he feels are of no social import or consequence — to be the person who runs the behind the scenes administration with a clear long game goal of profiteering. 

Neither should covert NPD wives whose heads are turned by shiny objects in their stead. Haute Couture! Oh the GLAMOUR. 

It’s all so unfortunate, Kennebunkport. Dockery knew. So did VW. 

But Austrians in up to their eyeballs. Especially that Schlesinger fella. 

The women ran the entire operation. Men were simply Enabling Henchmen to the “Chanel No. 5” groomed crowd of Stepford and Ivy League stock of breeding pedigreed wives. 

Their daughters and granddaughters and the females owned in the clan of friends have no earthly idea how they are viewed or discussed behind their backs. 

All Boomer men who went to college were trained to win friends and to influence people from 1950s using psychological control tactics. Further, they were all familiar with the Machiavellian Guide to Womanizing. 

By the time The Rules Girls book series came out, the Mistress Cotillion had already taken control of all the corporate heads, the DC Lobbyists, and of Washington DC in general — as well as of the Restaurateurs Association. 

Their sons they groomed to back the NRA while DeVos put in place a sinister plan to effectuate a clandestine segregated school system. She further used her information about special Gifted and Talented students as well as about Cluster B biological kids to pass along to her brother for Mercenary weaponizing while profiteering loaning school loan money to families who are cash and asset strapped already. 

A sordid tale of Dark Triad conspiracy with the intent to commit global fraud while willfully and knowingly commuting crimes against humanity. 


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