There Comes A Time

‘There Comes A Time’ is a reference to wisdom contained in a decades old viral email that swirled around on the internet in the 1980s and 1990s.

Wisdom shared in the timeless piece of self help literature includes realizing the difference between being someplace for a reason or for a season.

There comes a time with enough is enough. When you say time’s up. When you make a choice to let go of the life and ideas that no longer serve your personal, spiritual, or professional growth.

When you decide to stop enabling abuse of yourself.

For more information about how to end the cycle of Narcissistic Abuse, use the post search feature on this platform and simply type in the phrase “THERE COMES A TIME”.

Click the corresponding link to read the classic piece of self help literature.

It’s the one post on our website the staff and writers who contribute to FMD suggest that you PRINT and tape someplace where you are able to see and read it every day.

We tend to keep motivational literature of note and key phrases posted in places like the inside of the medicine cabinet, on a wall where it’s easily readable when we’re on the potty, someplace near or around anyplace where you spend quiet time each day for at least a few minutes.

By reading the literature and the timeless wisdom contained in THERE COMES A TIME, thinking through things like what lifestyle choices are we making that are leading us into difficult times can be reevaluated [from an NLP standpoint].

If you are drawn to this specific piece of motivational literature, ask yourself…

Where am I now?

Where do I want to be?

Is my lifestyle, job, relationship with person XYZ, habit, personal belief, current habit… WHATEVER… likely to facilitate me reaching my own pinnacle of self-actualization?

If the answer is NO, it is likely time to self-reflect and to take time out to watch or re-watch the movie called “The Secret”.

The Law of Attraction is a physics principle with profound applications in personal as well as social psychology.

THERE COMES A TIME references the ability every human has to make a choice — if not in the ability to leave a difficult situation, in our ability to decide how much of other people’s behavior we choose to emotionally interact with and or to personalize.





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