Splitting is a lazy psychological habit involving all or nothing thinking. People with high levels of ASPD hallmarks are oftentimes the most likely to engage in the practice of proclaiming, “If you are not for me, you are against me.” Red flags and warning signs a person is slipping into the dark art of splitting includes never having a positive or kind word to say about an ex or putting people in a discard pile and blasting their character and identity comprehensively. The person who splits is likely to report things about new targets and love interest by speaking about them in the most glorious terms. When their person of interest either rejects them outright, fails to pay attention to them in a way they are seeking, fails to comply with their wishes or orders to do something they want in a submissive way (if the person is dominant and aggressive or calculating by nature), or in any way, shape, or form fails to offer them what they believe they deserve to get as dutiful praise, look out. The more extreme the personality disorder, the more likely they are to launch positive publicity promos about their target followed by pummeling them with all or nothing thinking flames. People in the esteem cycle can do no wrong; conversely, people in the discard pile who did not bow down during the devalue part of the Cycle of Power and Control via Narcissistic Abuse are suddenly evil, all bad, the “Debil” (to quote Waterboy’s Mama), and the scourge of the earth with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It’s actually a really sad process to watch another human being dishevel into disordered, irrational, and illogical thinking patterns that lead the Abuser themselves to no healthy emotional, spiritual, or psychological space.

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