Sociopathic Stare

The sociopathic stare is a real thing, and yes — when and if you ever happen to spot it, it’s truly a bone-chilling red flag to see. It masks a contempt sneer.

People who are Anti-Social and egocentric by nature tend to strive to blend in with their environment.

Hoping to avoid detection in social settings, as Cluster B predators, many times they will mirror the speech patterns, body language, and sometimes even clothing or appearance style of those around them. But no matter how hard they try to play the part, a true Sociopath, Narcopath, Psychopath, or Dark Triad cannot hide their microexpressions all the time.

Once in a while, a photographer might get lucky enough to capture the telltale signs on film, but normally the flash happens so quickly that people tend to overlook it.

The sociopathic stare involves a person with ASPD tendencies looking critically at their abuse victim or a prospective set of targets with a look of detached, non-emotional contempt.

The lip on one side of the face tends to slightly curl up in a sneer.

There is a clear look of conscience in the eyes, but it’s always clear they are sizing someone up like prey — with narrow pupils tending to be the very first thing that gives them away. Researchers and relationship experts agree that if someone’s casual glance around a room becomes a focused stare, the more fixed the gaze, the more likely the social predators are to be literally looking at other people like active objects to be manipulated.

If someone fixes their gaze on you and tends to stare or linger on your form or face while they gaze nonchalantly or strive conversely to make serious eye contact, be warned.

Connecting the eyes between predator and prey does not produce the same microexpression production as does two hearts connecting, as the latter tends to produce happy lines and crinkles resembling a friendly smile while the former tends to creep people out when and if they have been spotted by a Psychopath, Sociopath, Narcopath, or Dark Triad striving to socially compel someone to intellectually or emotionally engage.

Look for hallmarks like the contempt sneer, a slight nostril flare, holding eye contact just a few seconds too long, and deep brooding looks that rapidly convert to faces camouflaging deep-seated levels of dark and murky rage from people with ASPD affectations.

If they hold your gaze for more than 5 seconds, understand the most common fantasies or free thought flow patterns most Sociopaths or Psychopaths report include thoughts of sexual domination or destroying their target. What that means is, if they cannot stop themselves from staring at you, they are striving to both capture your attention while secretly planning to use and abuse you.

Be on the lookout as well for people who compulsively strive to “pose” or stage their face in pictures in order to mask their real microexpressions, hoping to impress people with their (laughable) good looks and serious  “look at me without being able to actually SEE the real me”, compulsively attention-seeking, comedic, or duck-lipped pouting and angry “hiding my abject contempt for the photographer” face.

Once you learn how to spot in in individual predators, the microexpressions red flags are virtually impossible to unsee forever.

Resist the urge to minimize when and if your spider senses start to tingle or you see the telltale, hallmark facial expression that someone glaring is likely to harbor deep-seated rage or hidden anger.

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