What is a Narcopath by definition?

A Narcopath, by definition, is a term referring to a Narcissistic Sociopath. Those with narcopathic tendencies tend to exhibit all the traits and personality symptoms common to both Narcissists as well as Sociopaths.

When a person behaves in ways that are extremely narcissistic — meaning egocentric and grandiose, reflecting an unrealistic level of self-perceived superiority — and pairs it with an appalling lack of care or concern with how their personal behavior affects or socially impacts other people, chances are they might be a Narcopath.

If they tend to suffer from a depleted range of emotional sensitivity to other people’s feelings, fundamental human rights, and behave in ways that are psychologically as well as emotionally abusive on an everyday basis, behaving like a Narcopath tends to ruin their family as well as their friendships.

Unfortunately, because Narcopaths are fiercely socially competitive thinkers, they tend to have anti-social behavior rewarded. Teachers with Narcopath personality types who are rewarded with tenure tend to become tyrants in the classroom much the same way a bad boss or corporate manager who treats employees like trash always seems to be fiscally rewarded for cruel covert social behaviors as well as praised and promoted.

Since most academic and corporate environments promote vertical thinking, a socially competitive way of looking at the world that promotes competition over collaboration, children and/or adult workers exposed to post-industrialized revolution culture have all suffered at the hands of social abusers.

Those who learn to abuse others trust or rights in order to self promote and call it a win have been abused by their mentors far more than any abuse they have collectively dished out against their friends, family members, co-workers, and community members.

Victims of vertical thinkers, meaning anyone who believed the gaslighting anti-social propagandist rhetoric taught in school systems in the 20th century as well as anyone target for social and emotional abuse because they didn’t, make up virtually 100% of the population of most industrialized nations as well as a significant portion of all third world country members (as disenfranchised classes of citizens).

Those people who chose to conform to Narcopath ideologies are famous for making fun of humanitarians and social collaborators. Not seeing any benefit, value, or worth to ending pack behavior in favor or creating a lattice framework of social support for all global citizens, they rampantly strive to promote national rivalries, to teach nationalist ethics and socially competitive values to children, and say the most appalling things they can dream up to make ad hominem character attacks against neurotypical or emotionally intelligent rivals.

Realizing that they don’t see the world the same way as, for instance, Empaths or Humanitarians, the Narcopath tends to hate people who are capable of perceiving complex emotion. By verbally abusing targets and issuing credible threats of physical or social abuse, they persistently strive to use toxic shame creation and bullying targets in order to silence victims as well as to use threatening or abusive behaviors to help them establish social dominance as predators.

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