Cyberbullying is the use of electronic methods of communication to taunt, ridicule, stalk, hunt, or otherwise to terrorize another person socially online.

People who cyberbully typically make ad hominem attacks on targets. Insulting and assaulting people with a mix of name-calling, shunning, shaming, gaslighting, and graphic imagery is their typical modus operandi.

The electronic posting of mean-spirited and rude statements or interjections in conversations to disrupt is typically only done by people who have extreme anti-social and narcissistic tendencies.

Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Senior citizens can all be victims of Cyberbullies. The Cluster B tech-savvy social predators are equal opportunity anti-social attention demanding hospitality abusers.

The goal of most cyberbullies is to do or say whatever it takes to emotionally dysregulate targeted people while net gaining added feelings of power derived from upsetting collateral damage victims at random who happen to encounter their toxic posts.

To achieve their aim, they will fish for personality data that is likely to lead them to determine their target’s most personal or private of all insecurities.

For instance…

If they think someone is insecure about their appearance, the Cyberbully will go on a smear campaign against that person’s looks in order to make that person feel self-conscious while striving to undermine their self-esteem and social prestige in the community.

Social Predators do sinister and Machiavellian, sadistic things like this for a variety of reasons — most of which normally involve them having developed a fixation on a Narcissistic Rivalry with another person.

When a bully targets a mark, there’s usually a personal reason or some form of promised social incentive from someone else involved.

Whether someone bullies a girl about her appearance and slut shames her to the boys she likes in order to ensure that girl is never “competition” or someone bullies a boy because they see he makes better grades at school than everyone else seemingly effortlessly and the girls seem to like him, it’s all the same thing.

The bully — especially one using cyber warfare tactics to rattle and sabotage an enemy — is seeking to force their hateful and socially toxic rhetoric into the mind of random as well as targeted people in order to successfully control other people’s body and emotions.

As technology changes and Cluster B people gain access to tech gadgets and social networking platforms, people need to be educated about how to spot and how to report Social Predators like Cyberbullies to security teams the moment they detect the red flags that someone is abusing TOS and hospitality of everyone online

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