Conformist children and adults with conformist personality types strive to adjust their personal behaviors to meet the standard of their family unit or peers.

Conformity, or the art of fitting in with a social group, is a biologically driven psychological state that compels the social nature of a human being to almost pathologically strive to fit in. By definition, conformity indicates a person complies with the standards, rules, and laws of their peer group.

If a family or social circle is comprised of healthy members who pro-actively collaborate to support and nurture one another’s success as well as provide comfort in times of strife or hardship, conforming to pro-social behaviors can be empowering for a group both for personal members as well as to help their individual society at large to evolve successfully on an evolutionary scale.

But people labeled as conformists in modern society typically are those who by social convention elect to associate with or pledge fidelity to toxic people. When social behavior is non-destructive and complies with socially accepted conventions and standards, conforming to societal norms is considered healthy as a behavior.

However, since conformity indicates that a person strives to match the attitudes and behavior of a group norm or more powerful leadership figure, those who conform to toxic thinker’s lifestyles or habit patterns tend to all behave in ways towards other people that are both dismissive and abusive.

When discussing Narcissistic Abuse specifically, the word “Conformist” is typically used when speaking in reference to a child who strives to support, enable, and be more like a toxic parent or a corrupt authority figure.

Seeking personal benefit by conforming to lifestyle choices and habits that harm some for the benefit of others, people with Conformist personality types are the ultimate weak-minded and weaker-willed Abusers By Proxy and Abuse Enablers.

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