Collusion is a word used to describe covert and Machiavellian, socially questionable moral activity between one or more colluding (meaning secretly aligned) parties.

Most Cluster B people, when self-promoting as a group, collude. Working together to promote their own special interests, they tend to exhibit what is known as pack behavior.

Secret or illegal cooperation between narcissistic or anti-social thinkers tends to be referred to by most neurotypical people as something socially dangerous to everybody. Even vertical thinkers who engage in colluding are at risk of being socially or physically betrayed and aggressed by their own friends, family, clique, or pack members.

When a group of people colludes, those who suspect nefarious or hidden alliances exist are typically pervasively smear campaigned against. When a colluding faction strives to self-promote, they tend to strive to socially destroy the personal, professional, and social reputation of any person or peer group who suspects what they are doing and could potentially become a whistleblower.

People who are targets of collusion conspiracies, especially those types of conspiracies that benefit a small number of people who intentionally strive to cheat, take advantage of, or to deceive others, tend to exhibit psycho-social and physiological traits of scapegoat targets.

Unsure why or how Cluster B people and their Abuse Enablers lack conscience to the point they seem to have no problem targeting innocent victims, using people, betraying their own friends and family members by abusing them and actively deceiving them, and concerned for the social welfare of essentially everyone (including their abusers as well as abuse enablers), the morally sane and neurotypical or emotionally intelligent person tends to suffer extreme physical stress at the very thought of such abusive people.

When normal or emotionally intelligent folks work together, they tend to team up — not to display social aggression toward teammates or even towards actual competitive rivals.

Where Cluster B people and vertical thinkers will seek to self-promote at the direct expense of others — arguably enjoying the physical excitement of doing such things as misleading, conning, or betraying the goodwill and hospitality of others — neurotypical folks tend to strive to work with (rather than against) others for the sake of promoting the highest and greatest good of all concerned.

People who enable willingly then sit back and enjoy special favors from more dominant Cluster B personality types collude by socially supporting Abusers. They are also the type of people most likely to teach children that true love is based upon submission.

Enablers who collude to socially promote themselves as well as people who they seek preferential treatment from are no different during their adulthood than children who ring a target and chant FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT while fostering menacing triangulations and encouraging physical bullying in the schoolyard.

Understanding that no matter how much money a person has, how many degrees they have, how physically attractive they are, and or how high a person’s book smart IQ might be on paper has absolutely nothing to do with emotional intelligence is crucial to understanding the nature of people who strive to collude.

Those who strive to create win-win social situations that allow human cultures of various types to thrive are known for working to make the world simply better.

People who collude? Sneak.

People who collude? Lie.

People who engage in collusion tactics work like pack predators, marking prey and striving to feed themselves at the social and physical emotional cost of anyone who is either a) not part of their clique or b) not neurologically (or physically) likely to resemble them.

Human beings, as social and political animals, tend to form groups of like-minded thinkers, to team up to complete large-scale social projects, and to work together to accomplish pro-social goals as a unit.  Working together as people or groups for pro-social reasons — even when privacy rights are respected — is simply not the same moral act as colluding.

Understand if you hear someone make a personal, professional, or political reference to someone colluding that there is a distinct undertone of anti-social, pack animal-like behavior implied — if not directly confirmed or evidenced in the conversation.

Collusion is not a flattering way to describe the nature of one or more people or parties teaming up in confidence to support one another. The word collude — as a stipulative definition used commonly in academia to describe a nefarious undertone between narcissistic or vainglorious thinkers — is the right one to choose when and if one or more humans that you know work together to gaslight and socially take advantage of others.

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