Willful Negligence

Willful Negligence, by definition, is refusing to self-educate and properly act when action (or proper lack of action) would be considered rational, in the spirit of the law, and prudent.

Cluster B people are notorious for stonewalling people they consider to be Narcissistic Rivals, refusing to validate fact checkable information or their target’s rational opinions.

“Intentional performance of an unreasonable act in disregard of a known risk, making it highly probable that harm will be caused. Willful negligence usually involves a conscious indifference to the consequences…” notes the law website EdgarSnyder.com.

The site goes on to say, “There is no clear distinction between willful negligence and gross negligence…”, with gross negligence meaning making consciously and voluntary disregarding the need to use reasonable care to protect the safety or well-being of others.

Legal Dictionary notes gross negligence, “… is conduct that is extreme when compared with ordinary Negligence, which is a mere failure to exercise reasonable care.”

When discussing Willful Negligence with regard to Narcissistic Abuse, it’s important to note that most vertical thinkers are inclined by personality type to engage in varying degrees of willfully negligent action.

If a social predator has a mild Covert Narcissist personality type, for instance, they tend to behave in ways that are passive aggressive. They may withhold help from a person who is clearly in need of assistance on purpose, either failing to assist or lending a hard after provoking duress in the target.

A person with an extreme disorder might take the opportunity to deliberately fail to act or perform or to purposefully disrupt another person’s activity in order to sabotage or place the target in harm’s way.

Then, after notably drawing negative attention to themselves for failing to act or for intruding and/or interfering with someone else’s process, the narcissistic thinker with a vindictive, arguably anti-social, and Machiavellian streak is likely to deny they are accountable for anything.

Since intent is a difficult thing to prove in a court of law or in general with regard to social issues, the subjective experience or opinion of any abuse victim or target peer group who has been abused is typically socially as well as legally invalidated. Because experience produces subjective emotion, it can be argued that victims who express their opinion about both how and why they feel they were targeted for harm by a deliberate actor are simply expressing sour grapes and seeking to blame someone other than themselves when and if something happens in their life they do not like or find displeasurable.

The problem with victim shaming and giving social credibility to the words of people known for being pervasive situation abusers prone to lying, abusing, gaslighting, blameshifting, and then pretending they are the victims is the Abusers retain all social power.

Meanwhile, Narcissistic Abuse victims and Collateral Damage victims (namely, everyone who is not someone with a Cluster B temperament) are left to wither.

Willful Negligence is a deliberate social abuse tactic routinely used against Cluster B social predator’s targeted victims, followed by denials of accountability for any bad that happens to others as a direct result of an Abuser’s morally conscious choice regarding a course of action or deplorable inaction.

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