Socratic Method

The Socratic Method was  a psychological and philosophical research method employed by the Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates. He used standard logical deduction to rule out illogical thinking patterns from his conscious mind and NLP – style reminders to his students to help trigger them into a high state of conscious awareness by asking them incredibly simple questions. Completely SMART and doing the right thing ethically for the right reasons morally, he earned himself the nickname “Gadfly” — for no other reason that people who were a little slow or less introspective had a hard time following him and people with Cluster B personality types (especially ones in positions of power) tended to hate him for standing up and rightly questioning them about their knowledge claims and behaviors. Ultimately, his student Plato ended up transcribing a great many of the details of their conversations. All intellectual pursuits by Socrates were not intended to solve problems, Rather, they were intended to help human citizens evolve their conscious minds in such a way that they would begin to seek the next “big think” style questions that help society evolve in the best and most Darwinian sense of the global equation. For the crime of  thinking, asking questions, and stating his own well-reasoned and insightful opinions, Socrates was condemned to death in Athens by his contemporaries. He famously stated, “The more I learn, the less I know.” His personality type was very much so likely to have been EMPATH (a variation of HSP — a person with a Highly Sensitive Personality type who was extremely gifted both in IQ and EQ, respectfully).

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