Racism is typically defined as discrimination against a stereotypical group of people based on their skin color or ethnic heritage.  People who are racists believe that those with other skin tones, hair color, or other texture are less than they are; racism promotes gaslighting assertions that some human beings are simply not entitled to be treated with the fundamental human dignity normally afforded to even the most common or average of persons. As one of the most rampant forms of culturally accepted Narcissistic Abuse, racism is a common topic of discussion — especially amongst minority classes and Americans. Since America was founded on slave labor and whites have culturally benefited from a position of status within American cultural heritage, those raised to believe they are a master race entitled to special treatment by others tend to be the most socially and emotionally — oftentimes physically — abusive people on the planet. Genocide sparked by religious racism prompted the holocaust. Entire groups of people are under onslaught by socially empowered predators in a variety of third world countries in Africa and throughout the Middle East and Asia Minor. The Native American tribes that were wiped out by Christopher Columbus and early North American continent settlers arriving from Europe were all the victims of abject racism. And, listening to the political campaign claims of many elections 2016 candidates who claim to reflect “conservative values” are simply the public face of abusive civic organizations like the KKK, a group well known for abusing other cultures and races while claiming they are entitled to abuse, self-promoting their own grandiose natures. As a noun, racism is an actual thing — a psychological condition that reflects a narcissistic, anti-social, Machiavellian person’s belief that all members of each stereotyped race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race without the person making the assertion ever doing so based on valid, scientific measures or principals. Obsessed with feeling powerful, “special”, a member of chosen people, or uniquely entitled to be regarded as superior to others based on essence rather than merit, the Cluster B racist might present themselves to the world like a loving, kind, or caring person when in reality they are nothing more than Covert Abusers. One simply cannot abuse other human beings by type based on stereotypes or categorical observations and not be deemed as people who define the essence of racism. Racism is ALWAYS a learned cultural value; it’s taught. Hating or xenophobically fearing other cultures and other races is nurtured primarily by the most socially toxic of parents. While many racists can have their views widened by education, true Narcissists, Narcopaths, and Sociopaths are highly likely to refute intelligent or scientific data based on their personal and highly subjective opinion that they themselves (typically white or lighter skinned people) are better. It’s that belief  that is at the core of any and all prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race. Sadly, when a racist believes they are superior to human beings who resemble rather than look exactly like them physically, they tend to treat perceived lesser others callously, crudely, and in morally repulsive, disdainful ways. The more narcissistic the racist, the more likely they are to bad mouth their preferred scapegoat targets with alarming regularity; the more sociopathic they are, the more likely they are to support morally unjust laws (like the old Jim Crow laws or striving to ban brown people from Euro-centric, modern countries); actual Psychopaths tend to do things like burn crosses in yards and engage in public acts of mobbing as well as acting out crime fantasies related to dehumanizing beatings, murder, tear-gas bombing, shooting people with fire hoses as crowd control, or public lynchings. All racist actions and attitudes — including but not limited to supporting racists or overlooking their toxic social behaviors while enabling — are acts of Narcissistic Abuse of preferred scapegoat targets [by clinical definition].

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