Pathological Liar

What is a pathological liar? A gaslighter. A cad. A socially untrustworthy person.

Gaslighters are people who lie about and put their own spin literally on every aspect of reality. They are people who sabotage all pro-social attempts to communicate and collaborate successfully with other humans.

Think of the mother who tricks her husband into believing the child that she is carrying is his.

Or the serial cheater swearing on the lives of his parents and children and everyone who he claims to love that he is being faithful and that his wife or her husband are simply “imagining things” — claiming that their suspicions are unfounded and that they are making things up based on feelings of jealousy due to the victimized spouse’s mental infirmity.

Meanwhile, they are in the bathroom pretending to be in the shower, sitting on a closed toilet talking in hushed tones to their lover when you open the bathroom door never suspecting a thing.

Or the person who tells you that their ex is some kind of monster… when the person making the ad hominem claim is mindfully lying, knowing full well they — not the person they abused — was creating literally every domestic issue and complex emotional problem for the person they now besmirch to clean up alone without social, physical, or emotional support.

Then if you can figure out their real name or aliases they go by to hide legal records that not only are you not the first person who they gaslit profoundly, turned into a piggy bank for their personal use, treated like crap, then beat or mistreated profoundly… you are the THIRD. And by the time you figure it out, it’s already too late because you got pregnant early on and married him in good faith straight out of the gate… believing his lies and tall tales that he has never acted this way before… it is ALL YOUR FAULT for “making him” act violent, predatory, and insecure, and that not only did you deserve the treatment he dished out but if asked under oath if he did it, he lies and denies it.

Or the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie seeking to score whatever rush of pleasure in life or physical excitement as they can for themselves at the physical and literal direct and indirect social and healthcare expense of everyone else. Any fix… booze, pills they con out of doctors, illegal drugs they buy off the street, prank calling former love interest’s bosses, clients, or loved ones, drunk dialing, drunk texting, sending hate speech riddled private messages to people they dislike or are striving to provoke to feel emotions like profound shame, social humiliation, and uncontrollable physical sensations of terror.

In all of the cases, the person doing the gaslighting is showing themselves to be pathological liars. Using speech to harm, no priority is placed on revealing the truth — unless it’s something to embarrass or humiliate the truth bender’s targeted mark or his targeted preferred scapegoat or stereotyped peer group.

Pathological lying is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck according to common historical knowledge.

By dictionary and clinical terms, Psych Central claims pathological liars are most often described as, “[People who] are not deterred by guilt, shame or even the risk of being found out.”

Do you know the person or personality type we are talking about?

If you are a pathological liar by nature chances are even if you do you will tell us, “No.” Then, more than likely, you will ask us to keep explaining ourselves ad infinitum until we think we are going to go insane by the emotional distress the person pretending to not understand what we are saying or the type of person we are describing with the express intent of wasting our time and abusing our hospitality so they can net gain attention and a feeling of Machiavellian stolen social control.

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