Aggression (by definition) is a word used to represent human behavior as well as to describe an emotion. People who are aggressive display a variety of hostile or violent behaviors or personality traits including but not limited to doing things like attacking other people with or without provocation.

Aggressive behaviors can manifest in the form of overt or covert belligerence. People who harbor mild aggressive tendencies may appear socially or physically competitive with other people.

Extremely aggressive personality types oftentimes come across as terrifying (if brutish physically) or domineering [when and if a person has a higher IQ and has been socialized more comprehensively according to civil or academic standards and means].

Some researchers claim that people with extreme personality disorders like Anti-Social Personality Disorder (a Cluster B personality type variation defined in the DSM) have a tendency to harbor extreme resentment in the form of open hostility for other people or stereotypical peer groups based on an innate predisposition to repress then harbor both conscious and unconscious anger.

The more self-entitled to abuse a person feels, the more likely they are to vent rage and frustration on unsuspecting and innocent victims.

People who have road rage issues are very often times Cluster B individuals with extremely high levels of aggression and repressed anger issues. Other sources claim that people who are aggressive socially in a caustic manner are as destructive to themselves as they are to other people.

However, to show social responsibility to the Abuser and all his or her targeted scapegoats, preferred targets, and collateral damage victims only serves to further empower the aggressor.

Since most people with anger management issues tend to strive compulsively to avoid taking personal responsibility for their ill-timed or abusive words, deeds, and actions (while simultaneously feeling self-entitled to blame their victims), showing anyone who has aggression favor or pity is likely to create even more problems for victims.

Showing an abusive person respect for their irrational or illogical, entitlement-based subjective opinions only net gains the Abuser a heightened sense of grandiosity.

When a person or group enables their empowerment [with regard to feeling entitled to or justified in their right to violate the fundamental human rights of others], Enablers inflate the toxic egos of people who deliberately and willfully act menacing and abusive towards other people.

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